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Q: i was not asked or forced to send my message i say it because its the truth sorry you are so blinded by your ignorance that you can’t see when someone has real friends


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Q: If she wasn't stupid she wouldn't be acting like a dumb bimbo and sure as fuck wouldn't have people try to prove that she's smart lol

Did you ever think that I could be answering how I’m answering because I know its bothering you?

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Q: like im sorry but erika is incredibly intelligent and as much as i make fun of her for being dumb she actually isnt and shes amazing so please log off and go take a walk bc clearly you are not spending your time wisely love one of her bestfriends

I luhhhh you :*

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Q: Lol your anons piss me the fuck off. People are beyond pathetic, sitting behind anon sending you hate. Some people have nothing better to do with their lives.

Hahaha I know right. But thank you girl!! :)

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Q: You're pathetic­čśé

And hiding behind a computer screen and messaging me on tumblr isn’t?┬á

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Q: You act so stupid lol

i so shmart

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Q: Lol is that the only way you know how to reply?

omg lyke obvi

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Q: You and your friend look really gross and slutty in your pic

Thats what I was going for omg yaaay

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